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About Us

Ross Rentals serves Nevada renters in Reno, Midtown, Central Sparks and surrounding areas. We help with finding the perfect rental home, condo or apartment.


At Ross Rentals, every interaction with you is important. Since 1947, we’ve gone the extra mile to make your rental experience feel like home. As owner-operators, we’re extremely vested in being as responsive as possible to our renters. We own the properties, and we drive by every day. Our management style is hands-on, and our renters know us. Your home is our investment; if you need help, we are there.

iStock_000055617876_LargeFinding the ideal rental home for you in Reno, Midtown, Central Sparks and surrounding areas is a breeze when you work with Ross Rentals. We take pride in ensuring that your new rental home is safe and comfortable, and you can rest easy knowing that a professional, esteemed local property management team is responsible for your home’s upkeep.

If you’re hoping to find just the right apartment, townhome, condo or house to rent in the Reno area, we look forward to speaking with you. To learn more about our company and available rentals in the area, please contact us today.